Taking Advantage of Free Casino Deals

People in Canada love their free casino deals, and for good reason. With them, players can enjoy free casino cash, increased winnings and a better time all-around. There are many different offers available, so everyone should take the time to carefully consider the bonus and the terms and conditions associated with it before accepting.

Cash over Multiple Deposits

While the idea of receiving $1000 in free cash for depositing $1000 may seem exciting, the truth is that most people simply cannot afford to (nor do they really want to) deposit that kind of money into an account with a venue that they have yet to experience. While this offer is exceptional for high rollers since they can get a huge reward immediately, those who choose to fund their accounts with more discretion won't benefit much. The best casino bonus in this case is likely going to be a multi-stage scheme that allows people a smaller match over the course of several deposits. There is also a no-deposit option that some venues make available, but it is quite rare. This does not require any payment on the player's part, though he or she may be required to download a suite of software and create an account to get it.

How it Really Works

So, most people who are new to the online gambling world honestly believe that if they deposit $100 with an anticipated 100% match, they will instantaneously have $200 in their accounts. The truth is, though, that this is rarely the case. First and foremost, cash without a hitch is incredibly rare and venues just don't do it anymore, even with tons of wagering restrictions and whatnot. What is more likely to happen is that the venue will release these funds in very small increments - perhaps only $5 or $10 at a time - until the offer has been exhausted.

Wagering Requirements

The next thing to be conscious of when looking for the best casino bonus available is the wagering requirements associated with it. This is basically the amount of money that an individual will be required to spend before any winnings earned with the bonus can be withdrawn from the account. For example, venues often require players to wager 30 times the sum of the amount deposited and the amount credited. So, a player who deposits $100 with a 200% match for a sum of $300 will be required to wager 30 x $300 or $9,000 before anything associated with the offer can be cashed out. That's a lot!

Title Limitations

Something else to consider when taking advantage of free casino deals is the games that they actually apply to. For instance, some venues will provide different schemes to people who enjoy slots than they will to those who like poker. While the wagering requirements may seem strict enough as it is, there are also casinos out there that place limitations on the titles that can be played to clear them. As a prime example, a venue may note that 100% of funds spent on slots will count toward fulfilling them, but only 20% of the funds spent on blackjack or poker will count. This can make clearing the requirements even more difficult - and frustrating.

Country Exclusive Schemes

Some of the free casino deals out there may seem like they are too good to pass up, but be forewarned: some are geared toward American or European players exclusively as a way to bring new business to the venue. Before getting too excited about any one offer, it is important to make sure that the scheme can be redeemed in Canada. Then, take the time to review all of the terms and conditions associated with it. If it only applies to slots, then someone who enjoys roulette won't have much use for it. Similarly, if the wagering requirements are impossible to meet, then there is really no use in attempting to take advantage of the deal.

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are always great ways to earn something extra while enjoying a wide variety of titles online. Essentially, individuals are awarded points for every dollar they spend. Over time, and once a certain amount of points have been accrued, they can be cashed in for real chips. Sometimes, these casinos will even count the chips earned through loyalty programs toward fulfilling the wagering requirements associated with other bonuses, too.