Have A True-To-Life Experience With Live Casinos

Although there is no denying that online gambling was nothing less than a revolution for many people, there is always something missing from that experience - the aspect of realism. While it is absolutely wonderful to be able to sit down at a computer and win real money with all of your favorite games, not being able to see the sights generally associated with a gambling venue can make things seem lackluster to say the very least. Live casinos are working to change all of that, and there are new ones popping up every single day.

Then and Now

The first live casinos were introduced several years ago, but limitations in technology and relatively slow internet speeds hindered their capabilities and made them seem slow, buggy and full of glitches that were more frustrating than they were fun. These days, though, faster internet speeds and better technologies all around have created a new style of gambling that people truly enjoy. Rather than facing a random number generator, individuals can actually see cards and a wheel in a real setting. Some say the technology has changed things forever and that establishments who do not follow suit will eventually disappear.

Software Companies Getting on Board

Since these types of games are becoming more and more popular as time goes by, it comes as no surprise that more software providers are getting on board and offering up some of the best and greatest new options in a long time. These include Evolution, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming, Playtech and HO Gaming. Each of these companies has taken the time and effort (as well as the money) to create their own proprietary networks upon which live casinos can run. These developers are found all over the world in places such as Canada, the Philippines and even Latvia. The availability of titles, betting ranges and other variables depends on the provider and the establishment using the software.

The Best Canadian Option

The provider that outranks the others is hard to determine as it generally comes down to a matter of personal opinion. Playtech is definitely the leader, though, since its software for live casinos is used in more establishments than some of the others combined. This company designed their program in such a way that users can choose to download and install a package or simply play within their browsers. This makes things easier and allows Playtech to appeal to a huge variety of people. The graphics quality is phenomenal, but the quality of the video feed will depend on the internet connection speed.

What about Microgaming?

Of course, Microgaming is the leader when it comes to online casino programs and their offerings are used more than any other in the world. As such, they have been innovative with their latest developments and offer live dealers in titles like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These can be found in dozens of establishments, too, making them quite widespread and easy to find. The number of tables is limited, but the prizes and betting ranges appeal to everyone. Thus, it can be difficult to find an open spot, particularly during high-traffic times.

Free vs. Real Money

Like all other establishments out there, people often want to know if they will be able to access these live casinos without having to make an initial deposit. Since the employees on the other side of the feed must be paid, most venues do not offer these real-time games unless users want to play them with real money. With that being said, it may be possible in some instances to grab what is known as a no-deposit bonus that will allow you to try them out on a trial basis since these funds are the same as real money. However, for those who want to continue once that offer has been exhausted a deposit will be necessary. The good news is that most establishments provide handsome welcome bonuses to help boost that initial bankroll.

Live casinos have definitely taken things to the next level. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing this true-to-life environment, there are plenty of establishments you can check out to see what you've been missing. The smiling faces will greet you and assist you in winning big, but don't forget to tip the dealer or croupier if Lady Luck happens to be on your side! Remember, they aren't computer generated - they are really there!